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Dublin and Nationwide Deliveries more info Min Order €50

Dublin and Nationwide Deliveries more info Min order €50




Take the time, make the effort and produce the best because only the best is good enough for our Kayla and the same goes for our customers. We believe our bodies are designed to absorb the nutrients we need from real food, the right food and in the right portions.

Only good ingredients make good food.



We believe investing in a healthy diet means investing in your overall health and happiness. The right food and a correct balance of nutrients in your diet is a key factor in maintaining your energy levels, good digestion and general wellbeing.

Pills and supplements are no substitute and not nearly as effective when it comes to getting all the vitamins and minerals our bodies depend on. We have done a lot of research; we know what an ailing body needs and that’s NO nasties, NO synthetic additives or flavouring, ZERO refined anything – just a combination of quality proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates; all naturally designed to nourish you from the inside out.



We are passionate about real food, fresh produce sourced locally where possible. Our family eat meals from Kayla’s Kitchen every week so we don’t include anything we wouldn’t want to eat ourselves or more importantly that’s not good enough for Kayla.

Our stock is high quality, authentic, fresh and sourced from our trusted suppliers. Our beef and lamb are reared in Wicklow from our favourite butchers McLoughlin’s Premium Craft Butchers. We use only Irish free range chicken and pork.

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We cook, we freeze, we deliver, so all you have to do is reheat. We make super-tasty meals the home-cooked way, then deliver them to your door. Each dish is packed with goodness and full of nutrients, a result of our method of snap freezing to lock in every ounce of taste and goodness.

Every dish arrives ready to pop into the freezer. They’re perfect for those in ill-health, incapacitated or just too busy to make healthy food from scratch.

We prepare all our spice blends and pastes by hand in our own kitchen, using fresh herbs and spices. The difference shows in the results - our Moroccan, Thai, Malaysian & Indian dishes are the real thing! Our Italian sauces are all made in the kitchen as are the meat and vegetable stocks that go into our dishes. We pride ourselves on getting our dishes to your table without even a pinch of flavour being lost.


Cooked meals can be preserved by snap freezing after cooking is almost complete. Snap freezing (or blast freezing) is the process of rapid cooling for the purpose of preservation. The speedy freezing process cools food to a temperature under 3 degrees Celsius within 90 minutes of cooking and stored at a maintained temperature of 0 to 3 degrees Celsius.

This ensures that bacteria has minimal time to develop and keeps produce fresh as it effectively stops rapid nutrient deterioration. A slower freezing process would still allow for unwanted changes in the produce and could result in bland, unhealthy food.

These processes have the advantage that preparation and cooking of meals is not tied to the times when the food is to be served. Nutritional health is of particular importance to Kayla’s Kitchen especially for those who are considered vulnerable and who are reliant on nutrient-dense foodstuffs. That is why the nutrient preserving properties of snap freezing are so beneficial.